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Concerts where You are at Home

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Concerts there, where they belong. Symphonic concerts have long been the privilege of bigger towns and cities. Largely because of the long distances involved, people living in rural areas or smaller towns have little or no access to professional orchestral concerts, even though an enthusiastic audience for concerts and opera is to be found here too.


From the first concerts, concrete tour plans and concert series have emerged; from the first discussions with local authorities and politicians, strong partnerships; and as a framework in itself, the logistical and media cooperation with the Nordkurier Media Group is of particular importance.


With the aim of making music for everyone, we accept every location-specific challenge, and play everywhere it is possible to do so. Whether in palaces, churches, ruins, factories or gyms – somewhat rare locations for a symphony orchestra to be playing in – our enthusiasm knows no bounds. Our mission has no room for pretentiousness. Only on a musical level are we not prepared to compromise. Regardless of the external conditions, we aim for artistic perfection, and that cannot be overlooked: the concerts are almost all sold-out, and the audience is carried-away, emotionally moved and deeply grateful. Every year we make more than 10,000 visitors happy with our concerts - not only with symphony concerts, but also with family and junior-school concerts.


Regardless of the difficult current situation, more than 70 further concerts in the series 'Stadt.Land.Klassik!' are planned for 2021. We will also extend our touring programme beyond Mecklenburg-Vorpommern into other federal states, as it is ultimately our aim to bring classical music into areas throughout Germany which have little (and then with difficulty) or no access to professional opera or concert-life.

"Culture stimulates Economy"
Harry Glawe
Minister for Economy, Labor and Health Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
“Culture is That Extra Something "

Patrick Dahlemann

Parliamentary State Secretary

for Western Pomerania

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