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Latin-Jazz Sinfónica!

A New Sound of Latin, Jazz & Orchestra

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Through their original inspiration the Neue Philharmonie uncovers completely new sounds: Latin, Jazz and Classical Music fuse together for a very special experience: Latin-Jazz-Sinfónica. Julia Diederich and Christoph König, partners of Andreas Schulz and the Neue Philharmonie, tell how the unique stylistic mix merges into a new form during an exciting rehearsal process.


Diederich and König are passionate Latin & Jazz musicians and composers with a classical background. For years Julia Diederich has longed to combine the three styles into a new sound. Together with jazz musician Christoph König and the conductor Andreas Schulz, she has finally managed to fulfil her wish. The dream has been confirmed by the project's success: the fascinating but subtle compositions sweep the audience off its feet – or rather bring the audience to its feet: classical concert-goers feel the urge to dance, to move with the rhythm of the music. Latin fans discover symphonic colours, and practised ears are astonished by the wall of sound. In the coming year 2021 studio recordings for a double-album (also on vinyl) are planned at the Bauer Studios near to Ludwigsburg, to capture this unique sound.


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How did the idea come about?
Interview with Julia Diederich
and Christoph König
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