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A new kind of orchestra is born

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A new kind of orchestra is born – today's society is caught-up in a continual and ever changing flux. The influence of digital media, freedom of movement within the European Union, immigration of refugees, but also increasingly individual lifestyles create a flexible multi-structured space in which cultural institutions can find a new place.


The Neue Philharmonie wants to give new drive in, to and with the community, based on Middle European cultural tradition: a new efficient way of organizing an orchestra is emerging, wishing to be active on a broad level both socially and artistically. It is the aim and plan of the Neue Philharmonie to weave a tight fabric of concert-life in those areas throughout Germany, where hardly any orchestral concerts take place. In this way the Neue Philharmonie will not be in competition with other cultural institutions and well-established orchestras, but will be a supplement, working in its 'own' locations. However, as it is neither practically nor economically viable to try to implement this on a national level with a single orchestra, we want to establish several ensembles throughout the country, each serving a particular area. Thus the Neue Philharmonie will become the first decentralized orchestra in Germany: an organization able to employ a large number of musicians cost-effectively, due to its efficiently reduced cost structure. This will be achieved through active collaboration with local already-established choirs and other artists, and not through the orchestra being permanently on tour. This plan follows the founding principles and concept of Andreas Schulz and Lutz Schumacher along the following lines: 


A New Generation of Musicians

With our concept of several regional ensembles, we can offer the many classical musicians, who are trained in Germany to the highest level, a better chance of finding work within one organization.



The Neue Philharmonie reflects like no other orchestra the social structure to be found in Germany today. With bursaries and jobs both on- and offstage, it takes an active responsibility, supporting the integration of newly-arrived citizens. At the present time the orchestra has members originating from 14 different countries.


Structural Conditions in Rural Areas

The development of rural areas is part of the political agenda from local government through to the European Union. In this the Neue Philharmonie would like to supplement the largely economically/technologically-stressed programme with what it has to offer in the areas of culture and cultural education. The aim is to make classical music freely available to all.


Padagogical Commitment

'Grau ist alle Theorie!' ('All theory is grey'). The famous Goethe quote can be applied perfectly to musical experience. However important the theoretical foundation, music must be encountered live. Our motto and aim is: 'Every junior school pupil will hear a symphonic concert once in his or her life!' From 2021 this will become a reality in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.



Our efficient organizational structure offers ideal conditions to provide work cost-effectively for more musicians throughout Germany. In this the Neue Philharmonie will act as the main company incorporating several regional touring ensembles, meeting demands where needed.



When it is completely up and running the orchestra will offer the best conditions to be able to act as a training ground on a national level. Here it will be possible to have regular traineeships in new digital branches of the profession, as well as the traditional training profile on the business side of things. 

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